Grand Marais Web Design

Websites. Technology. Busy. Confused? Talk to a real person. A person who knows business, technology and will be the person actually creating your North Shore or Grand Marais, Minnesota business website.

The first best step is to meet for a FREE one hour chat about your business, your marketing goals and if a website can contribute to your bottom line. That's right "if". I will be the first person to say if a website can help your business. We will talk about your industry and the marketing challenges you face everyday. Your website is an employee, with a job description and goals. I build custom websites to meet that job description. The beauty of a web site is that it works every day, 24 hours a day, never takes a minute off, nor wavers from it's tasks. Not bad for a digital sales person. Hence my tag line, "It's not just a web site, It's a digital employee."

Since 1996, I have been designing, developing and maintaining websites. With over 500 websites under my keyboard, or on my backup hard drive, I have used many technologies, remember Flash before Apple took an issue, or let's go back to Frontpage, yikees, Microsoft. Now we have Wordpress, started as a blog and trying to be a website, lots of features, plugins, and maintenance with every must upgrade.

The immediate future is mobile websites with people speaking into their smart devices seeking your services. The technology was a separate mobile website and now is responsive design. However when a person is searching on their phone they are seeking a quick answer such as the phone number or map to your location, not a wordy description of every aspect of your business. A mobile website is an elevator pitch to a call, a product list or very specific to your business. Rearranging your responsive designed website takes forethought to serve the right content to the person speaking to their cell on the bus. Netmajic specializes in understanding your business and marketing needs to design your responsive website to the user and your bottom line.

Having worked on all web technologies, I'll be here for the next set. You need a web partner to take care of this technology zoo so you can take care of business. Let me be your chief web person and you can be chief of everything else. How about a long partnership with you, your web presence and an experienced web designer? I am always just a phone call away. You are going to love my drive thru service!

Call today, 612.581.0332. Let's meet for a FREE one hour consultation and begin to answer your website questions and put you at ease.