Grand Marais Visual Basic (VB) Programming

Visual Basic Programming. Microsoft Access Application. Custom Software for a Specialized Requirement. Do any of these ring a bell? Many times the application has been in your business for quite some time. It needs updating and your programmer is no longer available. Perhaps you would like new features. How about connecting part of the Microsoft Access database to the web for your clients to view online. If you seek an experienced Visual Basic Programmer, look no further. Netmajic has been programming for years.

These are a sample of the Visual Basic Applications Netmajic is involved.

Financial Application

An in-house financial application with over 200,000 lines of code, over 100 screens, 50 reports, and online posting of clients reports for viewing online in a password protected website. All employees manage the company with the functionality of this application.

Plant Application

Large custom designed application to catalog, organize on demand, record selections of plants for Master gardeners and professional landscape architects.

Order Application

Custom application written in visual basic to input, maintain, report, and manage orders in a business.

Auto Sales and Repair Application

Large custom visual basic application that manages every aspect of an auto dealer and auto repair business.

Sometimes a custom application is just the ticket to organize, sort, input, report, view options, keep an alternate view; you name it, it's highly possible. Call Netmajic TODAY, 612-581-0332, let's discuss your North Shore or Grand Marais, Minnesota business's unique needs that can be met quickly with a custom visual basic application.