Grand Marais Social Media Marketing

Socializing online for yourself is one thing, for your business is another. What to say, to whom, when, how often, all when you have so many other things to do for your business on the North Shore and Grand Marais.

You need a Social Media Marketing Business Plan. Your social media accounts need to be setup correctly to your brand. Your employees need to be educated how to handle a reference to your business on their personal Facebook page. You need to blog what people are asking online, tweet what is trending, post optimized videos to Youtube and not spend 24 hours a day socializing without a return.

In the beginning everyone thought if a business had a Facebook Page the world would beat a path to your door. You have more business sense than that. Digital socializing takes as much time, consistency, as human socializing takes. And you don't have that important human element of eye contact and shaking hands. You need to build trust online. Your brand has to be met with every touch, every piece of content, every response to their comments. Oh, and remember you are running a business also.

Netmajic has a well thought out social media marketing business approach to helping you understand whether socializing may be worth the investment. In the least your business needs to build your social media accounts correctly and claim your business name before your competition claims your name. You can never get it back.

Call today, 612.581.0332. Let's meet for a FREE one hour consultation about whether blogging, posting, connecting, asking for likes, tweeting, and following #tags work for you and your business.