Grand Marais Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Location. Location. Location. Today location is the first page of Google. Google has over 80% of the search business. Everything else together is the rest.

Being found on the first page of Google, BING and Yahoo is completely in your control. It is not that lots of people click on your web site, or your keywords in a "meta tag". It is highly mathematical. In fact computers are just fast number crunchers. Search engine programmer program computers to formulas that emulate humans. Search engines want your business to be found. They want the best results to be on the first page. If your business is the only carpenter in North Shore and Grand Marais then Google wants to put you number one on the first page, ahead of everything else, including Angie's list, a directory of carpenters, or a carpenter in Minneapolis.

You only need to tell the search engine what your business is by using all the keywords of your business, in all the right places in the website. Then one more step, so Google trusts you are a carpenter in North Shore and Grand Marais, they want another website, a trusted website, like the Chamber to have a link from their carpenter member page to your web site. It is trusted because Google's search engine formula, emulating a human wants human referrals. It is programmed by humans to know a chamber web site would have that link to your website because a human put it there, as a result of your membership. I call this digital networking.

As with human networking, you can't just go to one chamber event and everyone remember you for 20 years, digital networking needs to be ongoing. This is done by adding what are called inbound links, like the chamber link, over time, month after month.

The website with the right keywords in the right places and the most number of trusted links, wins the math game and is in the 1st position of the 1st page.

Now, remember you are running your business, let Netmajic run your SEO campaign for your website.

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