Grand Marais Internet Marketing

Is your Internet Marketing Plan Highly Charged? Are you seeking all aspects of being found? Local placement, organic placement, online ads, socializing, and monetizing your own website with income producing ads? Netmajic has an Internet Marketing Plan tailored just for your business.

Netmajic's Internet Marketing Plan integrates all aspects of your online presence.

Web Design

Seen by your visitors, potential clients, potential employees, or investors. Also crawled by the search engine spiders for local placement, organic placement, and the worth of your web pages for income producing ads.

Search Engine Optimization

A combination of keyword rich website content and links from relevant websites to yours. The more the better. The higher your page rank the more visits your web site receives. The broader the reach of your business.

Paid Ads

Do you want to be on the first page at the top of the page, RIGHT NOW? With online pay per click advertising, Google, BING and Yahoo, as well as Linkedin, Facebook and a host of many others will gladly place your website in front of the people searching for your products and services. Netmajic develops your online ad campaign and manages the campaign on a monthly basis.

Monetizing Ads

Your website can make money for your business. By placing relevant ads on your website from the search engines, from advertising companies, or you can sell ad space directly to businesses. Each time a visitor clicks an ad on your website, your company is paid a portion of the click. The more popular your website content, the higher the ad click is worth.

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